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Member Pi

Dear Head Person(s),
I do not know if I want to be a moderator or if I prefer lowly minion status. If that is even how one spells lowly.

Frankly, I don't spell very well.
Then again, at least I didn't say "spell good".



Name: Sandhya
Gender: Female (However while checking out the Oberlin library I read a book on the third gender in Yugoslovia and how in some nations being a Eunuch makes you god-like)
Age: 18
Date of Birth: march 30

What three words would your friends use to describe you?: Eccentric, Ecclectic, Eyrie sp?
What three words would others use to describe you?: weird, vegan, childish
What three words would you use to describe yourself?: strange, odd, quirky

Favorite TV show: AOTM I dont watch tv much
Favorite person: I cant tell you. You'd tell him/her and that would be stalkerish
Favorite food: Noodles

Short Answer:
What inspires you? Hot boys

What makes you a great moderator? My mum wants me to get off the computer so I put very little effort into this. Her reasoning? Stop wasting time on the computer. see those kids are smart (leeann, fan, colleen, kristine, etc) and are in college and get good grades. Get to work smelly child.


I am a great slacker and enjoy coloring!

You must agree to the following statement in order for your application to be valid:

I, Sandhya , completed this application by myself, without receiving outside help. If I were to be granted the position of a moderator, I will not use the power to achieve selfish goals.

Eh define selfish. *halo shines* I'm altruistic I swear ;)
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